Vision & Mission


  • Building solid industrial foundations to achieve balanced economic growth apart from oil revenues, as a single income source, and substitution of industrial products imports.
  • Diversifying national income sources and increasing the industrial sector’s contribution to gross domestic product.


  • Based on its pivotal role in the industrial development process, and to achieve the above vision, the Ministry has identified a set of goals to arrive at the promising industrial development, the most important of which are:
  • Development and support of industrial ventures in a way that helps diversify national income sources.
  • Endeavour to diversify income sources.
  • Maximizing value addition of intermediate materials.
  • Encouraging private sector to increase its contribution to the industrial development.
  • Increasing the manufacturing industries’ sector contribution to Gross Domestic Product GDP.
  • Encouraging, support and development of clean and energy intensive industries.
  • Strengthening integration between oil and gas sector and manufacturing sector, and other economic sectors.
  • Achieving maximum integration between operating manufacturing projects.


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