Al-sada : our target is adding renewable energy sources to the current several sources of energy"



Qatar is taking part in 11th Arabic Energy conference that is being held in Morocco ,from 1-4 of OCT 2018. H.E Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada Minister Of Energy and Industry heads Qatar’s delegation to the conference.

The theme of the Conference is “Energy and Arab Cooperation.” Discussions covers: The transformations in global oil and gas markets and their implications for Arab oil exports; energy security as a global partnership; investment requirements to develop the energy sector in Arab countries. Discussions also include Arab and world energy resources; petroleum downstream industries in Arab countries and the world; Arab cooperation in electric power field; and energy demand management in Arab countries. In addition to the issue of energy, environment, and sustainable development.

Minister Al-Sada participated today in opening session of the conference ,held under the title (Vision of Arab states Of Energy Strategy) . His Excellency spoke about the vision of the energy strategy in the State of Qatar, derived from the Qatar National Vision 2030. The target is to transform Qatar into a developed country, capable of achieving sustainable development. Also, to provide high standards of living for Qatari people and for future generations.  

Minister Al-Sada also headed the first ministerial session, held under the title : (Transformation in global oil and gas  markets and their implications for Arab oil exporters). His Excellency highlighted some of the challenges facing the global energy sector and the future  estimates indicating the expected demand for oil will continue to rise to a peak of 113 million barrels per day, by the year 2040



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